How Much Do Capybaras Weigh – Capybara Weight Guide

Capybaras are the biggest rodents, and if you are planning to own a capybara, you should know Capybara weight and how much they eat.

But why is it necessary to know? Because when you know how much do capybaras weigh, you will know how much you need to spend on their diet and that’s how you can understand their cost and expenses.

How Much Do Capybaras Weigh

I have 5 capybaras in my house as pets, the age of all is different and so the weight.

A Capybara weight can be between 77 lbs and 146 lbs which is 35kg to 66kg, females are slightly heavier than males.

The highest recorded weight of a capybara to date is 201 lbs (91kg), it was a female capybara from Brazil.

If I tell the weights of my capybaras, currently 2 of them are between 12 lbs and 15 lbs as they are still small, one of them is currently 50 lbs and the other two are 140 lbs, however, as the capybaras get older, their eight decreases.

The weight of a Capybara may depend on many things, like the diet you provide, the age they are, how happy your capybara is, etc.

Capybaras eat a lot to maintain their weight and if you want to own a capybara make sure you provide all the necessary diet and other requirements.

How Much Does an Average Capybara Weight

But is the average weight of a Capybara? The average capybara weight is 48.9kg (108 lbs) which is recorded in the Venezuelan Llanos.

Of course, the average may differ a bit in other countries as the Venezuelan Llanos is a vast tropical grassland plain, where capybaras get enough food and the best habitat for their full growth.

But more or less the average weight is the same all over the world.

How Much Does a Baby Capybara Weigh

When a capybara gave birth to a newborn in my house, the baby was 3 lbs. A newborn capybara usually weighs between 2 lbs and 3 lbs, sometimes it can be 4 lbs also.

I read that by the time they reach 18 months, they are around 88 lbs (40 kg) which is true, they grow fast, I have seen my capybaras growing very fast.

As I said, the diet has a huge role to play, give them a good diet and see how fast they grow.

How Much Does an Adult Capybara Weight

Currently, my full-grown capybara weighs 140 lbs, but that also depends on the genetics and sex. On average, an adult capybara weight is around 60 lbs to 174 lbs.

Let me tell you, as a capybara enters its old age, its weight starts to decline, just like any other animal or human.

This may be because the diet decreases as old capybaras tend to become less active, or there may be any other reason.

How Much Does a Lesser Capybara Weigh

Lesser capybara weight is less than a capybara, also they are smaller in size than a capybara.

A full-grown lesser capybara may weigh around 62 lbs (28kg)

How Much Does a Male Capybara Weight

A male capybara usually weighs less than a female. A male capybara weighs around 60 lbs to 146 lbs.

The highest recorded weight of a male capybara is 162 lbs (73.5kg), which is a wild male capybara from Uruguay.

The male capybara I have is not only lesser in weight but also in overall size. His weight is 130 lbs whereas the female I have is bigger than him.

How Much Does a Female Capybara Weight

A female capybara usually weighs higher than a male capybara. A female weighs around 77 lbs to 174 lbs. The female I have weighs 140 lbs and looks bigger in size than the male capybara I have in my house.

The highest recorded female capybara weight is 201 lbs (91kg), which is a wild female capybara from Brazil.

This also depends on the age. Both my adult capybara’s age is 6 years and you can see the difference in size between a male and a female by just looking at them.

To Wrap Up

I hope you got your answer to how much a capybara weighs. The average capybara weight is 108lbs, the females are a bit heavier and bigger in size than the males.

I would advise you to provide a good diet to maintain the weight of your capybara if you want to own one.

If you have any other queries, you can ask in the comments below.

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