How Fast Can a Capybara Run – Capybara Speed

When I first got my capybara, I didn’t know how fast can a capybara run, and now as people on the street see me and my capybaras, even they get fascinated by their speed.

A capybara running speed may depend on many things but generally speaking, capybara run at a speed of 5-10 miles an hour, but if they feel threatened, capybaras can run at a speed of 22 miles per hour.

How Fast Can a Capybara Run

Capybaras can run up to a speed of 22 miles per hour (35 kmph), their speed depends on many things like age, weight, and circumstances.

You won’t see capybaras running fast, they are calm animals, and they usually walk, but if threatened, can run up to a speed of 22 miles per hour (35 kmph), Yes you read it right.

Even I was shocked when I saw my capybara running this fast, but there are only a few instances of such.

My capybara is a bit heavy and getting old, he can’t run fast now, but he was very active with his speed a few years back.

You’ll mostly see capybaras walking normally at 5-10 miles an hour (3-6 kmph).

If you have a capybara, you won’t see them running much on land, however, they are a really good swimmer and they swim or run underwater very fast.

What is the Top Speed of a Capybara

The top speed of a capybara recorded is 22mph (35kmph), the speed may differ in different capybaras depending on many factors and their physical attributes.

Why the speed of the capybara is impressive? Because the fastest speed of a human ever recorded is 27.5 miles per hour and the average human speed is around 8.5 miles per hour.

Apart from humans, capybaras run faster than many other animals, given their size.

How Fast Can a Capybara Run Underwater/capybara running underwater

Capybaras can run at a speed of 5 miles per hour (8 kmph) which is impressive and is because they are semi-aquatic animals and their body is in a streamlined shape, which makes them swim fast.

There are other semi-aquatic animals like nutria, muskrat, platypus, American mink, water voles, etc, that have a speed of around 3 miles an hour underwater.

Being the largest rodent, capybaras still have a fast speed both underwater and on land.

What is the Baby Capybara Running Speed

To be honest, there is no recorded baby capybara running speed and it would not be possible for me to back it with any evidence.

However, being a capybara owner myself, I have raised many capybaras, and on the basis of this, I can say that a baby capybara running speed can be between 5 miles per hour and 15 miles per hour depending on the age.

I’m saying this totally based on my experience, although I have never recorded their speed. The speed increases as they grow more and eat healthy food.

Do Capybaras Run Faster in Water or on Land

It is very clear that capybaras run faster on land instead of water which is obvious as capybaras are not completely aquatic animals.

I know capybaras spend a lot of their time in water which is required for their body but still, they are slower in water, much slower in water than land.

Capybara Speed on Landup to 22 mph (35 kmph)
Capybara Speed in Waterupto 5 mph (8kmph)

Can Capybaras Run as Fast as Horses

I don’t know why but people have started to compare capybaras’ speed with horses, and I really don’t think this makes sense.

That’s why it is important for me to address this question as a lot of people have asked me can capybaras run as fast as horses?

Not at all, you need to understand capybaras’ top speed is 22 miles per hour, this is the fastest recorded speed of a capybara.

Whereas, the fastest speed of a horse recorded is 55 miles per hour. Now, do you think there is any comparison? Of course not.

Can Capybaras Outrun Predators

I don’t think so, capybara predators include some of the fastest runners and swimmers on the planet, and outrunning them won’t be possible for capybaras.

Capybara predators include jaguars, tigers, alligators, wolves, etc., all of them are good runners as they all are carnivores and have predator instincts.

Not just on land, but also in water, animals like crocodiles are extremely good swimmers and capybaras can’t outrun them.

Factors that Influence the Speed of a Capybara

How fast can a capybara run depends on a few factors, like I said my capybara is getting old and he is unable to run fast now, which means age is a factor, likewise there are other factors:

  • Size: if your capybara is heavy in weight, or larger in size, his speed will obviously be slower than capybaras weighing less.
  • Age: I think age is one factor that affects the speed of a capybara the most. Capybaras that are growing or at a younger age will obviously run faster.
  • Temperature: If you don’t know, capybaras are native to South America, where the temperature is usually warm. If you bring them in a colder environment, their muscles will contract and they won’t be able to run fast. I have seen this personally with one of my capybaras.
  • Diet: I consider this also as one of the most influencing factors that affect the speed of capybara. A good and balanced diet will keep them active, hydrated, and energetic.

These are all the major factor that affects how fast a capybara can run.

To Wrap Up

I hope you got your answer to how fast can a capybara run. As I said it depends on many things but if I tell you, the maximum speed of a capybara on land can be 22 mph and in water can be 5 mph.

If you have any other queries, you can ask in the comments below.

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