Do People Eat Capybara Meat? Cost? Nutritional Facts?

Being a capybara owner, I do not like to say this at all, but Yes, there are people who eat capybara meat. I never tried, and I do not want to try,

I have 5 capybaras as pets, they are super cute and friendly, how someone can eat them?

But there are some who want people to eat Capybara meat and if Yes, then what does Capybara meat taste like, what are the nutritional benefits, etc?

Do People Eat Capybara Meat

Yes, People eat capybara meat, in parts of South America, mostly in Venezuela. However, other countries in South America also eat capybara meat in the interior parts.

But why South America? Because capybaras are native to South America, and as they are exotic pets, not everyone can pet them which restricts their population from growing significantly outside South America.

Where to Buy Capybara Meat

But if you are not in South America, where can you buy capybara meat? It is very hard. To be honest, I tried to check where it’s available in the US or if there is any online store where I can get it, but I didn’t find any.

You may easily find capybara meat in Brazil, Venezuela, Columbia, and other neighboring countries.

If you know of any Capybara meat for sale do let me know in the comments below.

What Does Capybara Meat Taste Like

When I got to know that people eat capybara meat, I asked one of my known, who had tasted the meat, I just wanted to know how does capybara meat tastes like.

Honestly, I have never tried a capybara meat, so I’m not giving my opinion here, but after contacting a few people who have actually eaten a capybara meat, has said it is one of the best meat they have had.

Some said capybara meat tastes like wild boar or wild pork, whereas some said it is better than pork and beef.

However, when I asked some other people, they said if you cook it well, the meat is soft and tastes like chicken or tuna.

But the one thing that is said by everyone is that the capybara meat is better than any other meat and they would love to eat it again.

Capybara Meat Price

Capybaras are costly and hence its meat. If somehow you managed to get capybara meat near you, the price would not be less. As I said capybaras are exotic animals and are native to South America.

If you are not from South America, you are getting capybara meat in your area, I’m sure it must be coming from SA countries only, and the price must be high.

You may get 16oz capybara meat for $40-$50, depending on in which country you live.

Capybara meat price is lower in its native countries, but outside SA, the price is pretty high.

Capybara Meat Nutritional Facts

If you don’t know, let me tell you, capybara meat is considered better and healthier than other red meat available due to its high crude protein value and less fat and cholesterol content.

If I talk about the protein content in the capybara meat, it can be 21gm/100gm capybara meat, which is high, whereas the fat content is just 3.9gm/100gm meat.

And let me tell you, capybara meat has a high digestibility and biological value with 0.89% and 61.3% respectively.

As per the research, “On average, capybara meat had a moisture content of 75%, protein 22%, ash 1.5%, and lipid 1%.

Capybara Meat Nutritional Facts

What is Capybara Meat Called

Capybara meat is simply called “capybara meat”, there is no specific name, everyone calls it as “capybara meat” only.

Is Capybara Meat Edible

Yes, Capybara meat is edible and is consumed by some people in certain regions of South America. However, it is not widely eaten across the world.

Is capybara Meat Good

Capybara meat taste may be subjective, some compare its taste with pork, while some say it tastes like tuna.

Can You Eat Capybara Meat

Yes, you can eat capybara meat as it is edible, and people in South America do eat it and consider it a taste treat.

To Wrap Up

I hope you got your answer to do people eat Capybara meat or not. Not in every country, but capybara meat is eaten by people of South America, mostly in Venezuela and the interior region of other South American countries.

If you have any other questions, you can ask in the comments below.

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