Can You Own a Capybara in Arkansas in 2024

Capybaras are very friendly but can you own a capybara in Arkansas as a pet is a question many have asked me.

Being a capybara owner for more than 5 years I know how good pet capybaras are. If you also want to own a capybara in Arkansas you must know the wildlife laws and rules regarding keeping a capybara as a pet.

Not all state allows its citizens to own capybaras in their home. And some require its citizen to have a permit.

In this blog post I’ll ell you if it is legal to own a capybara in Arkansas and if yes then how can you own one, is there any permit required to own a capybara in Arkansas and many other questions will be answered.

Can You Own a Capybara in Arkansas?

Yes, you can own a capybara in Arkansas and it is legal. Arkansas government allows its citizens to own a capybara as a pet in their house without any issues.

Though there are many other wildlife animals and exotic animals that are exempted from being kept as a pet such as venomous reptiles, mountain lions, large carnivores, primates and other animal species that can be dangerous or endangered.

You should also consult your nearest wildlife department or Arkansas Games and Fish Commission as rules may differ across municipalities in Arkansas.

Arkansas government is not too strict in keeping or breeding any exotic pet but you should be careful while getting any exotic pet in your home and should check with the current laws and regulations.

Though being a capybara owner I can tell you that capybaras are legal to own in Arkansas.

Now lets understand if you need a license to own a capybara in Arkansas or not.

Do You Need a License to Own a Capybara in Arkansas?

In Arkansas you do not need any license to own a capybara as a pet, you can freely own them and enjoy their company.

There are many birds, mammals, reptiles that are either prohibited to be owned as a pet or need da permit for the department to be kept as a pet or for further transportation and breeding purposes.

These animals are mainly large or dangerous or endangered animal species. You can check complete list here.

Capybaras are very friendly and intelligent and I can tell you this that they’ll become your best friend if you give them the care they need.

Other Requirements to Own a Capybara in Arkansas?

Capybaras are largest rodents in the world and given their size there are some requirement that you should fulfil for the better health of your pet.

These requirements are not established by the Arkansas government but understand it is important. Though there are some state in the US that wants its citizens to fulfil some requirements to own a capybara.

Let now see some important requirements to own a capybara in Arkansas:

  • State Laws:
    • As already stated there are no as such law to keep a capybara as a pet as they are exempted but you should cheek with the local authorities or department for any amendments.
  • Habitat:
    • Capybaras are semi aquatic animals and you should have a pool for them as they like to be in water and spend time there.
    • Also its important to setup a good habitat for them as they need space both indoor and outdoor.
    • Do proper fencing for their safety.
    • Provide a shelter with good lighting and heating facility in case of extreme whether to keep them safe.
  • Diet:
  • Veterinary Care:
    • If you are purchasing a capybara from a breeder you must consult a veterinarian to check if the capybara is healthy or if he has any disease or something.
    • You should also check with vaccination.

These are all the requirements that you must fulfil to own a capybara.

To Wrap Up:

Now you must have got your answer to can you own a capybara in Arkansas as a pet. Being a capybara owner I can tell you if you give them love and care they’ll give you back.

You need to take the responsibilities to keep them healthy. Its not that difficult and if you have any previous experience of keeping a pet then it won’t be difficult for you.

Capybaras are like any other pet, they are intelligent and you can train them easily.

If you have any query, you can ask in the comment section below and I’ll try to answer it.

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