Can You Own a Capybara in Colorado in 2024

Do you live in Colorado and wondering can you own a capybara in Colorado? Well being a capybara owner for more than 5 years I can answer this question.

Capybaras are very friendly and intelligent and many wants to own them as a pet as they have gained huge popularity in the recent past.

Many state in the US doesn’t allow its citizen to own a capybara due to their wildlife laws as they are exotic animals.

In this blog post I’ll tell can you own a capybara in Colorado and if yes then is there any permit required and many other questions will be answered.

Can You Own a Capybara in Colorado?

Can You Own a Capybara in Colorado?

No you cannot own a capybara in Colorado as it is not legal. Though it may vary across states, with some areas permitting to own a capybara with some specific requirements while other have imposed restrictions or outright bans.

This means you need to contact wildlife department of Colorado or local wildlife department to know if it is allow to own a capybara in Colorado and particularly in your area or not.

Colorado government is strict when it comes to keeping an exotic animal as a pet as it can be dangerous or harmful.

Though capybaras are not dangerous but they may spread zoonotic diseases if not vaccinated properly.

Is Permit Required to Own a Capybara in Colorado?

As I already told, capybara ownership may vary across the state. Areas in Colorado where it is allowed to own capybaras may require you to get a permit as per Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Permit are some times necessary to ensure the animal’s safety, health and well-being. It is also important with respect to public safety and preservation of local ecosystem.

It is advisable to contact the nearest veterinarian and local wildlife authority to check if a permit or a license is required to own a capybara in Colorado ad particularly in your area.

When it comes to wildlife animals, Colorado Parks and Wildlife has provided a list of animals which requires a permit to keep them as a pet or sell it.

How to Apply for Permit to Own a Capybara in Colorado?

Now if you are ready to own a capybara in Colorado as a pet you need to apply for the permit or license. Let me tell you how you can do so.

  • Research:
    • Understand the specific regulations and requirements for owning a capybara in your area of Colorado.
    • Regulations can vary by county or municipality.
  • Contact Authorities:
    • Get in touch with your local animal control office, wildlife agency, or exotic animal permit authority to inquire about the necessary permits.
  • Application:
    • Obtain the appropriate permit application forms from the relevant authority.
    • These forms often require details about your capybara, its habitat, and your experience in animal care.
  • Documentation:
    • Prepare any required documentation, such as veterinary records, enclosure specifications, and your knowledge about capybara care.
  • Submit Application:
    • Complete and submit the permit application along with the necessary documents.
    • There may be a fee associated with the application.
  • Inspection:
    • Some authorities may require an inspection of the capybara’s living conditions to ensure they meet the required standards for health, safety, and welfare.
  • Waiting Period:
    • Depending on the authority, there might be a waiting period for processing the application.
    • During this time, they may review your application and conduct any necessary checks.
  • Approval:
    • Once your application is approved, you’ll receive the permit.
    • Make sure to follow any conditions or guidelines specified in the permit.
  • Renewal:
    • Keep track of the permit’s expiration date and renew it as required to continue legally owning a capybara.

Remember, each location may have its own specific process, so it’s crucial to contact your local authorities for accurate and up-to-date information regarding permits to own a capybara in Colorado.

Need of Laws and Regulations to Own a Capybara in Colorado

Capybaras are exotic and wild animals and in general it is illegal to own wildlife in Colorado. Imported and exotic species brought into Colorado are regulated as well.

Even if it is allowed in your area to keep them as a pet you must comply with the laws and regulations laid by the government to own a capybara in Colorado.

These laws are needed for:

  • Public Safety:
    • Regulations aim to prevent potential risks that exotic animals like capybaras might pose to people and communities.
    • These animals may not interact well with humans and could potentially cause harm or accidents.
    • Public safety is a top priority, and regulations help minimize the chances of incidents.
  • Wildlife Conservation:
    • Exotic pets, including capybaras, can impact local ecosystems and native wildlife.
    • Releasing them into the wild can introduce non-native species, disrupting the balance of local fauna.
    • Regulations prevent accidental release and protect native wildlife from potential competition, disease, or predation.

As a capybara owner, I recognize the importance of these regulations. While capybaras are fascinating companions, adhering to these rules ensures both our safety and the preservation of local ecosystems.

Alternative Animals You Can Own in Colorado as a Pet

So you now know it is not legal to own a capybara in Colorado but there are other animals which is similar to capybaras that you can own as a pet.

  1. Ferrets: Ferrets are legal and popular pets in Colorado. They’re playful, social, and can be a great addition to your household.
  2. Sugar Gliders: These small marsupials are allowed as pets in Colorado. With their adorable appearance and gliding abilities, sugar gliders can make charming companions.
  3. Hedgehogs: Hedgehogs are legal to own as pets in Colorado. Their spiky appearance and nocturnal habits can be fascinating to observe.
  4. Rabbits: Domestic rabbits are commonly kept as pets in Colorado. They come in various breeds, sizes, and colors, making them suitable for different living situations.
  5. Guinea Pigs: Gentle and easy to care for, guinea pigs are popular pets. They’re social animals and can form strong bonds with their owners.
  6. Chinchillas: Chinchillas have soft fur and are known for their playful nature. They require specialized care, but they can be rewarding pets for dedicated owners.
  7. Degus: Similar to squirrels, degus are active and curious rodents that can make interesting and interactive pets.
  8. Parrots: Some parrot species are allowed as pets in Colorado. These intelligent birds can provide companionship and entertainment.

If it is not legal to own a capybara in Colorado, particularly in your area you can choose among these alternatives.

Remember, before bringing any exotic pet into your home, it’s essential to research their specific needs, consult with experts, and ensure you’re adhering to Colorado’s regulations.

Things to Know Before Owning a Capybara

As a capybara owner in Colorado, I’ve come to understand the significant responsibilities that come with ownership. Ensuring the well-being of these unique animals requires careful attention to the following:

  • Enclosure Setup:
    • Providing a spacious and secure outdoor or indoor enclosure that mimics their natural habitat.
    • Including a water feature, as capybaras are semi-aquatic animals.
  • Proper Nutrition:
    • Offering a balanced diet rich in fibrous plants, hay, fresh vegetables, and specially formulated capybara pellets.
    • Avoiding harmful foods like chocolate and caffeine.
  • Veterinary Care:
    • Establishing a relationship with a veterinarian experienced in exotic animal care.
    • Scheduling regular check-ups and addressing any health concerns promptly.
  • Socialization:
    • Recognizing capybaras’ social nature and providing opportunities for interaction with other capybaras or suitable companions.
    • Engaging in positive interactions with humans to maintain their social skills.

These responsibilities demand dedication, time, and financial commitment.

If you want to own a capybara in Colorado you need to prioritizing their physical and emotional well-being and providing an environment where they can thrive.

To Wrap Up

Now you must have got your answer to can you own a capybara in Colorado. You need to check with the local authority to confirm if it is allow in your area to own a capybara as a pet.

You need to understand that having a capybara as a pet comes with responsibilities as well. You should give them a good life if you are planning to keep them as a pet in your house.

Being a capybara owner I can tell you they are a very good pet, if you provide them with proper care and love they can be your best friend.

If you have any question related to capybaras feel free to ask in the comment.

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