Can You Own a Capybara in Connecticut in 2024?

Hi, I’m Harry, and being a capybara owner for more than 5 years many have asked me if it is legal to own a capybara in Connecticut as a pet as there are some state in the US that allows its citizen to own a capybara as a pet whereas some doesn’t.

In this blog post I’ll try to answer if you can own a capybara in Connecticut and if there is any possibility then how and what is the procedure, is there any permit required to own a capybara a capybara in Connecticut?

Can You Own a Capybara in Connecticut?

No, you cannot own a capybara in Connecticut as it is not legal. Connecticut’s government have banned some exotic and wildlife animals from being kept as a pet in Connecticut.

Though the Connecticut government bans the import and possession of capybaras and other rodents with few exceptions, you can apply for a permit to own a capybara in Connecticut.

Even people in Connecticut are very curious to own them as a pet. I’ve many neighbors who want to cuddle with these cuties.

I even found many people over the internet who wants to know if they can own a capybara in Connecticut.

Capybaras are exotic wildlife animals and many state in the US doesn’t allow capybaras or other wildlife animals to be kept as a pet in Connecticut.

Own a Capybara in Connecticut

Wildlife animals can be harmful as they may spread some diseases such as rabies or zoonotic disease.

Though capybaras are not dangerous and do not spread disease but are still not allowed to be owned as a pet in Connecticut.

Now let’s understand who can own a capybara in Connecticut despite them being banned in the state and understand how can you get a permit or a license to own a capybara in Connecticut.

Laws and Regulations of Connecticut Regarding Capybaras

You are not allowed to own a capybara in Connecticut as certain there are certain laws that consider capybaras as an exotic wildlife animal.

The state’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) administers permits for exotic pet ownership, including capybaras.

Obtaining a permit is generally required, and specific guidelines for capybara ownership may include securing proper enclosures, providing appropriate care, and adhering to regulations that prioritize the animal’s well-being.

Its good to contact DEEP or any local authority in your area to comply with the laws and regulations to own a capybara in Connecticut.

Now lets understand who are allowed to own a capybara in Connecticut and how to apply for the permit.

Who is Allowed to Own a Capybara in Connecticut?

Own a Capybara in Connecticut

Capybaras are not allowed to be kept as a pet in Connecticut but there are some exceptions to few people and entities as they may get permit for the same.

  • Veterinarian
  • municipal park
  • AZA or ZAA zoo
  • marine mammal park
  • AZA or Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums aquarium
  • nature center
  • museum
  • exhibitor
  • Laboratory
  • Research facility
  • K-12 School

These are the entities that are allowed to own a capybara in Connecticut but they require permit or license as they have to disclose the reason of possessing capybaras with them to ensure safety and health of the capybara and the people as well.

How to Apply for Permit or License to Own a Capybara in Connecticut?

To apply for the permit or license to keep a capybara you need to contact DEEP. Here is how you can apply for the permit:

  • Research Regulations: Check state and local regulations to determine if a permit is necessary to own a capybara in Connecticut.
  • Contact Relevant Authorities: Reach out to the appropriate authorities, such as the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP), to inquire about the permitting process.
  • Application Submission: Obtain the necessary permit application forms from the relevant authority and complete them accurately.
  • Provide Documentation: Attach required documentation, such as proof of a suitable enclosure, veterinary care plan, and your knowledge of capybara care.
  • Inspection: Be prepared for an inspection of the capybara’s living environment to ensure it meets state standards.
  • Pay Fees: Submit the required permit fees along with your application.
  • Waiting Period: Allow for a processing period, which may vary, during which your application will be reviewed.
  • Approval or Denial: You will receive either an approval or denial of your permit application.
  • Comply with Conditions: If approved, adhere to any conditions outlined in the permit, such as enclosure specifications and regular veterinary care.

Its better if you contact the relevant authority or a veterinarian to easily get a permit without failing to comply with the laws and regulations.

Now lets see what are the documents required to get the permit.

Is It Too Cold to Own a Capybara in Connecticut?

We all know Connecticut is one of the coldest regions in the US where temperature usually lies between 27.2°F in January and 72.4°F in July.

Capybaras can tolerate cold climate as low as 4 °C or 40 °F and even lower temperature given they are provided with proper shelter, hay as bedding to keep themselves warm, heater and lighting.

Capybaras are strong animals, if you are thinking of keeping a capybara as a pet in Connecticut and worrying about the extreme climate conditions, do not worry, just provide them with good habitat.

You should also consult your nearest veterinarian for better climate details of your area.

Requirements to Own a Capybara in Connecticut?

As you know there are exceptions to some entities to have a capybara with them but they need a permit. Here are the requirements to apply for the permit:

  • Permits and Documentation:
    • Research and obtain any necessary permits or licenses for capybara ownership from relevant authorities.
    • Keep all documentation related to the capybara’s origin, health records, and permits in a organized manner.
  • Enclosure Standards:
    • Construct a suitable and secure enclosure that meets the capybara’s needs for space and safety.
    • Ensure the enclosure is spacious, has proper flooring, shelter, and access to water.
  • Veterinary Care:
    • Establish a relationship with a qualified exotic animal veterinarian who has experience with capybaras.
    • Maintain up-to-date health records and schedule regular check-ups for your capybara.
  • Socialization and Enrichment:
    • Provide an environment that encourages social interaction and mental stimulation.
    • Create opportunities for the capybara to interact with other capybaras or compatible animals if needed.
  • Education and Outreach:
    • Educate yourself about capybara care, behavior, and needs through reputable sources and experts.
    • Be prepared to educate others about capybaras and responsible ownership to contribute to positive perceptions.

By adhering to these requirements and maintaining proper documentation, you can ensure a legal and responsible capybara ownership experience in Connecticut.

Factors to Consider Before Owning a Capybara in Connecticut

As a capybara owner in Connecticut, I’ve learned important factors for prospective owners to consider:

  • Adequate Space: Capybaras need ample room to roam, swim, and explore. A spacious outdoor enclosure with a water feature is essential for their well-being.
  • Socialization: Capybaras are social animals, so having at least one companion is crucial to prevent loneliness and stress.
  • Specialized Care: Their diet should consist of hay, fresh produce, and commercial capybara pellets. Regular veterinary visits are necessary for health monitoring and care adjustments.
  • Enrichment: Provide mental stimulation through toys, opportunities for swimming, and environmental changes.
  • Weather Considerations: Capybaras are sensitive to extreme temperatures; ensure they have shelter during cold winters and shade in hot summers.

Understanding these considerations and dedicating time to their care ensures a fulfilling and joyful experience of owning a capybara in Connecticut.

To Wrap Up

Now you must have got your answer to can you own a capybara in Connecticut. It is not legal to own a capybara in Connecticut as a pet until and unless you fall under the list of entities that are kept as an exception.

If you have capybara contact the authorized department to get a permit or a license and comply with the laws and regulations of Connecticut related to wildlife.

If you have any question you ca ask in the below comment section.

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