Can You Own a Capybara in Louisiana in 2024

There are many pets you can own in Louisiana but can you own a capybara in Louisiana is a question many have asked recently.

Being a capybara owner for more than 5 years I can tell you if you are thinking of keeping a capybara as a pet then they can be a very good pet.

As you know now it is legal to own a capybara in Louisiana but you may need a permit as capybaras are exotic wildlife animals.

Let’s now understand the laws and permit requirements to own a capybara in Louisiana.

Why are Capybaras Legal in Louisiana?

There are many exotic and wild animals that are illegal to be kept as a pet in Louisiana but capybaras are legal because capybaras are not dangerous.

There was a time when capybaras were endangered but now their population is increasing and you can own a capybara in Louisiana without any issues just follow the wildlife laws.

Laws and Regulations to Own a Capybara in Louisiana?

As I already told you there are some states that don’t allow its citizen to own a capybara. Some do allow it but with a permit.

To own a capybara in Louisiana you may need a permit or a license. While it is legal in some areas with the necessary permits, there might be restrictions or requirements in place.

It’s essential to research local ordinances, acquire any required permits, and adhere to enclosure and care guidelines.

I would suggest you contact the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) or any authorized local department to get the correct info as it may vary across different municipal areas.

How to Apply for a Permit to Own a Capybara in Louisiana?

Louisiana state is not too strict on keeping an exotic animal as a pet but to ensure their health and safety it is required to get a permit to own a capybara in Louisiana.

Let me tell you how you can apply for the permit:

  1. Research Local Regulations:
    • Check local and state laws regarding capybara ownership.
    • Regulations may change, so ensure you have the latest information.
  2. Contact Relevant Authorities:
  3. Application Submission:
    • Obtain the required permit application from the LDWF website or office.
    • Complete the application accurately, providing personal details and information about the capybara.
  4. Enclosure Inspection:
    • Some permits may require an inspection of the enclosure where you plan to keep the capybara.
    • Ensure it meets the state’s standards.
  5. Veterinary Certification:
    • Provide a certificate from a licensed veterinarian stating the capybara is in good health and does not pose a risk to public safety.
  6. Fee Payment:
    • Pay the applicable permit fees. Costs can vary, so check with LDWF for the current fees.
  7. Waiting Period:
    • After submitting the application and required documents, there might be a waiting period while authorities review your request.
  8. Compliance and Education:
    • Some permits may require you to complete educational courses about capybara care and legal responsibilities.
  9. Approval and Renewal:
    • If your application is approved, you will receive the permit.
    • Ensure you understand any renewal requirements for the future.
  10. Responsible Ownership:
    • Once you own a capybara in Louisiana, continue to follow the state’s regulations and provide appropriate care for your pet.

You should contact the Wildlife Department of Louisiana or your authorized local authority to legally own a capybara and ensure their health and safety.

Is It Too Cold to Own a Capybara in Louisiana?

The climate in Louisiana is usually warm, humid, and wet during summers and very cold, snowy, and windy during winters and it is partly cloudy all year round.

The temperature in Louisiana usually ranges from 23°F to 88°F all year round during summers and winters.

Now if I talk about Capybaras, they can tolerate temperatures as low as 40°F and as high as 90-100°F.

This means it can be a bit difficult for capybaras to tolerate the winters of Louisiana but if you provide them with proper shelter and bedding with a heater and other facilities then it won’t be difficult for them to bear extreme weather conditions.

Where to Find Capybaras in Louisiana?

You can find capybaras in zoos in Louisiana. There are some zoos that have capybaras. You can visit Alexandria Zoo, Alexandria, Audubon Nature Institute, New Orleans, or Baton Rouge Zoo to see capybaras.

You should contact the zoo once before visiting.

Apart from the zoo where you can just see capybaras, if you want to own a capybara in Louisiana you can either buy them or adopt them from a breeder.

Where to Buy a Capybara in Louisiana?

To own a capybara in Louisiana you can buy them from a breeder or an exotic pet store near your area.

If there is no exotic pet shop or a breeder you can import them from any breeder outside Louisiana or can buy capybaras online.

There are some sites such as Capybara Breeders and Exotic Animals for Sale from where you can buy a capybara for yourself.

Make sure to check the capybara’s health, vaccination, age, diet, etc. before buying one.

Where to Adopt a Capybara in Louisiana?

The second option is to adopt a capybara from someone you know. If you are going to adopt a capybara you need to find someone already having capybaras.

You can contact the zoo, veterinarian, or any known person who keeps capybara as pets and can ask to adopt for yourself.

But make sure to check the health condition, habitat the capybara is living in, diet, capybara’s parent’s health, and vaccination. All these are very important if you want to adopt a capybara in Louisiana.

Can You Keep a Capybara Inside Your Home in Louisiana?

Keeping a capybara inside your home is not an issue in Louisiana but you have to provide them ample space to roam around.

Also, let them go outside as well to keep them physically active and healthy.

Keeping a capybara inside your home will eventually make them happy as well as they are social animals and love to be around.

Can You Keep a Wild Capybara You Found in Louisiana?

Actually, it is illegal to keep a wild capybara you find. I would advise you to contact your nearest authorized department or a rescue team to keep them safe and help you out.

If the capybara is injured you can also take it to your nearest vet.

Penalties to Own a Capybara Without Permit in Louisiana?

If you keep a capybara illegally it will be considered a violation of the wildlife laws of Louisiana and you can be fined or can get imprisonment.

A fine of up to $1000 or imprisonment of up to 1 year can be penalized.

Requirements to Own a Capybara in Louisiana

Capybaras are exotic animals and they need care and love. If you are willing to own a capybara in Louisiana you should provide them a good life, care, and proper nutrition.

There are some requirements you need to consider to own a capybara:

  • Adequate Space:
    • Capybaras require a spacious and secure enclosure with access to both land and water.
    • Ensure there’s enough room for them to roam, swim, and engage in their natural behaviors.
  • Socialization Needs:
    • Capybaras are social animals, so owning at least two is recommended to prevent loneliness.
    • Regular interaction and companionship are vital for their mental well-being.
  • Specialized Care:
    • Research their specific care requirements, including temperature regulation and maintaining a clean habitat.
    • Consult with experts or veterinarians familiar with capybara care to ensure their health and happiness.
  • Proper Nutrition:
    • Provide a well-balanced diet consisting of fresh vegetables, high-quality hay, and specialized capybara pellets.
    • Offer a variety of foods to mimic their natural diet and ensure they receive essential nutrients.
  • Veterinary Care:
    • Regular veterinary check-ups are essential to monitor their health and address any potential issues promptly.
    • Find a veterinarian experienced in treating capybaras to ensure their well-being.
  • Enriching Environment:
    • Create an enriching environment with ample opportunities for mental and physical stimulation.
    • Offer items like logs, hiding spots, and items to chew on to prevent boredom.

To ensure your capybara’s health and safety you should fulfill the requirements. Whether it is giving proper nutrition, providing habitable shelter, care, etc.

To Wrap Up:

Now you must have got your answer to can you own a capybara in Louisiana? It is legal to pet a capybara in Louisiana but you should comply with the laws related to wildlife and exotic pets.

Being a capybara owner I can tell you capybaras can be very good pets if they are provided with proper care and love.

They may need extra care but you’ll have fun with them. If you have other pets in your house and want to keep capybaras with them, there won’t be any issue from the capybaras’ side. They are friendly with all the animals.

If you have any queries you can ask in the comments below, I’ll try to answer them.

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