Is It Legal to Own Capybaras in California?

According to an estimation, two out of every three homes in the USA have at least one pet. Like dogs, cats and birds, people also keep Capybaras as pets. But they can be illegal in some states. Let find out of whether is it legal to own capybaras in California.

These rodents are classified as exotic animals in the United States, and they are subject to laws that vary from one state in the US to another one.

Why It is not Legal to Own Capybaras in California?

It is not legal to own Capybaras in california. This rodent has been declared an invasive species in the state.

The primary fear is that Capybaras could escape from their homes or enclosures as non-native species. They can also end up doing significant damage to the local ecosystem.

They also reproduce quickly. Hence it is believed that only a few of these rodents could become a significant problem for the state. Any time an animal grows in number, it carries a vast potential for detrimental effects on the native flora and fauna in the area.

The officials in California also believe that Capybaras could damage farmland by feeding on the crops and the irrigation system through their burrowing activity.

It is not legal to own capybaras in California, but apart from this state there are 9 other states that have also implemented similar laws. 

Even if the ownership of Capybara is legal in some states, it may still be illegal in a specific municipality within that state. Everyone must know all the laws where they reside before obtaining this rodent as a pet.

Is It Legal to Own Capybaras in California with a Permit

Actually, it is not legal to own capybaras in california, and some of the other states in US.

If you think it is legal to own the largest rodent in the world as a pet, there are many considerations to weigh before you obtain one of these animals.

You should obtain proper legal paperwork; most states will require a permit, health certificate and license for these rodents.

This legal paperwork differs from one state to another. Various departments process the paperwork and enforce the laws for exotic pets.

Sometimes, it can be challenging to determine exactly what permits are needed and how you obtain them. It is very essential to take the time to do the necessary research to ensure that you do all the procedures enforcing the laws.

Things to Consider before Buying Capybaras in California

You should first ensure that you can take care of a Capybara before you buy it. You should ask yourselves the following questions 

  • Are you completely ready to take care of the expenses of the food requirements of a Capybara? These animals are likely to grow to 140-180 pounds and specialized grasses and hays will also be needed in heaps. 
  • Are you willing to get more than one Capybara?

These rodents are social animals and they do not thrive on their own. You Capybara is going to need a friend. Hence, you should be financially prepared to handle the expenses of two capybaras.

Are Capybaras Friendly to Humans?

Capybaras are very friendly and social animals and are also known to build close relationships with humans. These rodents are known for forming strong bonds with people and for their playful nature. 

Capybaras are largest rodents in the world and are semi-aquatic, they form close bonds with other capybaras. They are known to bark, purr and they even whistle when they get excited or happy. 

They can adapt to new behaviours and are relatively easy to train. If taken care of properly, they can also live up to 10-12 years. They may seem very timid and shy, once they become comfortable with their environment, they can make great animals to keep as pets.

Are Capybaras Social

These rodents from tight-knit groups and can be often found in large herds. Their large teeth allow them to chew tougher vegetation and their long legs also give them excellent running speed. Their ears are designed for acute hearing and it allows them to detect danger from far away.

Their social skills and intelligence make them a great pet for those who are looking for an unusual companion. They are incredibly social animals that live in groups of up to 20 adults.

They are a pack which bond closely with their family. They also have a strong instinct to protect their family and their home.

To Wrap Up

Yes, it is not legal to own capybaras in California but there are other exotic pets to own like Zebras, Monitor Lizards, American Bison, Wolfdogs, Constrictor Snakes, etc

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